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Managing Projects with Microsoft® Project

Microsoft® Project is the de facto standard for project management software. Successfully managing projects with this popular tool requires more than just software training; it requires a practical understanding of project management and the ways Project can help you plan, schedule, establish baselines, produce reports and make clear task assignments for a successful project.

You will learn how to navigate Project’s menus and templates to:

Seminar Outline

  1. Introduction
    • The value of project management software
    • The project lifecycle
    • Buttons / tool bar / general navigation
    • Understanding views
  2. Setting up a new project
    • The project calendar
    • Change working time
    • Project statistics
  3. Building a work breakdown structure
    • Understanding tasks, summary tasks and milestones
    • Organizing the WBS
    • WBS vs. outlining task outline number
    • Evaluating the WBS
    • WBS templates
  4. Establish task relationships
    • Task dependencies: networks and PERT
    • Lag, lead and delay
    • Formatting the network diagram
  5. Making work package estimates
    • Duration estimates
    • Effort driven scheduling
    • Effort and task types
  6. Creating an initial schedule
    • Critical path analysis
    • Schedule constraints
    • Crashing a schedule
  7. Assigning and leveling resources
    • Defining resources
    • Realistic resource planning
    • Resource leveling
  8. Managing the Project
    • Tracking field definitions
    • Creating the project baseline
    • The tracking Gantt
    • Entering actual performance data
    • Variance
    • Percent complete
    • Splitting tasks
    • Rescheduling work
  9. Formatting output and printing reports
    • Using the Gantt wizard
    • Standard & custom reports
    • Managing multiple projects
    • Integrating multiple projects
    • Consolidating project files
    • Resource pools

This seminar uses Microsoft® Project menus and functions.
Outline © copyright The Versatile Company.

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