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Blue Ocean Strategy

How to Discover New Growth Opportunities

A One-Day Session

“It will always be important to swim successfully in the red ocean [but] to seize new profit and growth opportunities, companies also need to create blue oceans.”

— Fast Company Magazine

Finding Untapped Growth Opportunities

Traditional strategies built around market share rarely lead to dramatic and enduring success. In most industries -probably yours- hard fought gains fade as competitors copy innovations and counterattack with new offers of their own. Such is the way of business.

However, there is a way out of this “red ocean” of competition.

Using cutting edge concepts to drive value innovation and demand creation, your company can chart a course to a “blue ocean” where the competition does not yet exist and your company’s distinctive process capabilities deliver value to the customer that would-be competitors cannot easily copy.

Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne demonstrates a mindset and methodology to “make the competition irrelevant.” This practical seminar marries the Blue Ocean approach with strategic and process analysis tools you can use to craft breakthrough strategies for your company.

What You Will Learn

  • Evaluate your products and services using the red ocean-blue ocean-blue sky (ROBOBS) perspective
  • Create a Strategy Canvas to assess your strategic position
  • Use Blue Ocean tools to identify non-traditional markets
  • Use Process Analysis and Value Innovation to leverage untapped strategic strengths
  • Target non-customers you can attract
  • Differentiate between blue ocean and blue sky opportunities
  • Convert new ideas into actionable strategic plans
  • Manage the deployment of Blue Ocean ideas with the Balanced Scorecard

Seminar Outline

I. ROBOBS: The World of Growth Possibilities

  • What is a Red Ocean?
  • What is a Blue Ocean?
  • What is a Blue Sky?
  • Where do you need to compete?
  • The six principles of Blue Ocean Strategy

II. Techniques for Finding Blue Oceans and Blue Skies

  • What is Value Innovation?
  • Customer analysis
    • The Strategy Canvas
  • The four phases of strategic assessment: financial, customer, process, and learning and growth
  • Why processes are important to strategy and innovation
  • What makes your organization great?
  • Utilizing process leveraging techniques to discover ROBOBS opportunities
    • Process extension
    • Market extension
    • Enterprise creation
  • Non-customer analysis: Who else could/should we serve?
  • Selecting a strategy that best capitalizes on your distinctive process

III. Building a Strategy

  • Linking and aligning strategic objectives
    • Strategy Map
  • Identifying and prioritizing initiatives
  • Managing strategy: Four perspectives
  • Communication of progress

Who Should Attend

You will benefit most from this learning experience if you are a:

  • Senior executive responsible for making strategic decisions
  • Chief Financial Officer or Controller
  • Marketing leader looking for new ways to position products and services
  • Product or process manager
  • Member of a strategic planning task force
  • Visionary who has difficulty communicating the Vision

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