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Developing Your Public Sector Balanced Scorecard

How to Clarify, Deploy and Manage Strategy in the Public Sector

A One-Day Seminar

“The Balanced Scorecard process provides UCSD with a roadmap on where it should focus its energies, priorities, and resources. During difficult budgetary times, the BSC approach is indispensable. While some have viewed an approach such as the Balanced Scorecard as optional in the past, many will find it a key to survival in this era of shrinking funds.”

Steven W. Relyea, Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs , University of California, San Diego

At all levels of government, the Balanced Scorecard is used to successfully monitor and maintain strategic direction in the face of the economic and political changes that are unique to public sector operations. Traditional scorecards have focused on profit-driven businesses. 

Since the stakeholders and role of financial metrics are much different in hospitals, state/county departments, universities, and municipal agencies, this seminar teaches an implementation process that is specific to the public sector. This process has delivered results in many diverse public organizations, including state, federal and county-level department agencies.

What You Will Learn

  • Adjust the four BSC perspectives to your government environment
  • Select performance measures that make sense for your organization
  • Utilize the Balanced Scorecard as a strategic management system that can drive “non-corporate” objectives

Seminar Outline

I. Introduction and Overview

  • Connecting mission and vision to actions
  • Strategy and the Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
  • The importance of strategic measurement for a public sector organization

II. Creating the Public Sector Balanced Scorecard

  • Setting proper objectives
  • Linking objectives to measures
  • Identifying key measures
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Setting targets
  • Government examples

III. Using a Balanced Scorecard

  • Measuring impact of teams
  • Measuring impact of projects
  • Using the BSC as a measurement tool
  • Impact of BSC on public sector agencies

IV. Conclusions / Questions & Answers

Who Should Attend

You will benefit most from this learning experience if you are a:

  • Public Sector Executive, Manager or Director accountable for both operational performance and achieving strategic objectives
  • An Agency or Department Executive responsible for making strategic decisions
  • Chief Financial Officer or Controller
  • Coordinator of a project-based improvement program such as MBO, Six Sigma or Lean
  • Member of a strategic planning task force

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