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Mapping and Deploying Strategy in the Public Sector

A One-Day Seminar

“The ultimate goal in implementing strategic planning is that your community’s needs and future visions are met in a way that is not only efficient, but also equitable.”

– Local Government Management Guide, New York State

The key challenge of strategic management is laying a foundation for success in the future while simultaneously meeting today’s demands. Elections, budgets, regulatory restrictions, and media attention are just a few of the factors that intensify this challenge in the public sector.

Strategy Mapping: Seeing how the pieces fit together

With so many factors exerting pressure on day-to-day operations, it is very difficult to maintain a strategic focus and almost impossible for a single functional area to advance strategic objectives. The strategy map forces your organization to think about how the various functions interact with and support each other.map_and_deploy1

A strategy map is a management tool that articulates an organization’s strategy through a series of cross-functional cause-and-effect relationships. Building a strategy map involves linking the key strategic themes from the four Balanced Scorecard perspectives. These perspectives are easily adapted for application in the public sector.

The result is a graphical representation of your organization’s strategy that can be easily built and clearly communicated. As a result, your public sector organization can quickly:

  • Develop a common sense of purpose and direction
  • Determine which initiatives are most critical to strategic plan execution
  • Identify what measures would be best to assess strategic performance

What You Will Learn

  • Identify critical performance improvement initiatives by defining and mapping key strategic issues
  • Clarify and communicate strategic priorities
  • Jumpstart strategic planning efforts

Seminar Outline

I. The Strategy-Focused Organization

  • Background: the need to think strategically
  • Linkage to the Balanced Scorecard

II. Types of Public Sector Organizational Strategies

  • Service leadership
  • Customer intimacy
  • Operational excellence
  • Examples

III. Developing a Strategy

  • Customer Intimacy
  • Identifying key customer groups
  • System maps – Mapping customer relationships

IV. Operational Excellence

  • Leveraging process performance
  • Identifying strategic process gaps workshop

V. Service Leadership

  • What is the “best” service for the individual citizen vs. all citizens?
  • Key considerations
  • Generating key strategic data
  • Identifying key themes
  • The strategy map: linking key objectives workshop
  • How to use the strategy map
  • Tips for implementation

Who Should Attend

You will benefit most from this learning experience if you are a:

  • Public sector executive, manager or director accountable for both operational performance and achieving strategic objectives
  • An Agency or Department executive responsible for making strategic decisions
  • Chief Financial Officer or Controller
  • Coordinator of a project-based improvement program such as MBO, Six Sigma or Lean
  • Member of a strategic planning task force
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