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Transformation is Not Just for “Customers”

Rethinking the Citizen, Patient and Student Experience

60-Minute Briefing

For-profit businesses aren’t the only entities with “customers.” Depending upon who your organization serves, you may call them citizens, patients, members or students.

Using dramatic case studies from Disney –as well as a hospital, university and municipal agency– this session will describe a process your leadership team can use to generate and strategically evaluate innovations that will transform your citizen’s, patient’s, member’s or student’s entire end-to-end experience.

Topics Covered

Transformation is Not Just for “Customers” explores how to:

  • Build longer-term, mutually beneficial relationships
  • Assess how customer experience impacts strategic goals
  • Look at your business through the customer’s eyes
  • Identify business process changes that will enhance the customer experience and increase customer loyalty
  • Evaluate which ideas make most sense for your business
  • Leverage MSU’s Executive Development programs to help you in this journey

Who Should Attend

You will benefit most from this program if you are a:

  • Government leader who hopes to foster more community engagement
  • University leader concerned about enrollment and retention
  • Hospital leader who must improve HCAHPS scores
  • Credit union leader trying to keep up with member expectations
  • Business process owner or manager
  • Service or Product Line leader
  • Marketing manager
  • Customer Service leader or Customer Relationship Manager
  • Process improvement professional
  • Senior leader who owns the citizen/patient/member/student relationship
  • Leader of a strategic initiative to improve retention or competitive position

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