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Self-Paced Learning Packages

Tap into Orion’s decades of professional development experience on your own schedule.

The Individual subscription option provides one person with unlimited access in 2020 to all self-paced webinars, including any new programs Orion creates. Other subscription options include Group (20 users) and Organization (50 users).  All deliver significant costs savings and essential skills.  Click here for more details.

Scroll down to see some of Orion’s most popular webinar titles.

Subscription Options


Pay one price ($995) for unlimited access to all Orion self-paced webinars in 2020.  Our library has 20 impactful modules…and is growing.  The per-module savings is more than 50%.

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Unlimited access to all self-paced webinars in 2020 for up to 20 people: $5,000. Less than $25 per webinar.

Bonus: $1,000 toward onsite services.

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Unlimited access to all self-paced webinars in 2020 for up to 50 people: $10,000. Less than $20 per webinar.

Bonus: Up to $7,000 toward live training.

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Webinars and e-Classes

Essentials of Process Mapping

Process Mapping is the foundation for every performance improvement and technology transformation project.

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Eliminating NVA Activities

On average, 20%-30% of all business costs are attributable to non-value-added activities. Eliminate them!

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Essentials of Process Innovation

Key techniques to generate out-of-the-box solutions and to leverage them to deliver meaningful business results.

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Collecting the Right Data

Data Analytics, Part 1. Cutting-edge technology and brilliant data scientists are no match for the wrong data.

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Using Charts & Graphs

Data Analytics, Part 2. How to analyze data and to communicate important conclusions to decision makers.

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Making Data-Driven Decisions

Data Analytics, Part 3. How to use stats, graphs and your buiness judgement to make the best decisions.

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Organizing for Change

Change Management, Part 1.  Lay the foundation for project success on Day 1 with a comprehensive plan.

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Gaining Buy-In

Change Management, Part 2. Turning great ideas into reality is the biggest challenge of improvement projects.

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Facilitating Change

Change Management, Part 3. Successful teams don’t just happen; they need the guidance of a trained Facilitator.

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Identifying Customer Needs

“Value” is determined by the customer. Focus your business processes on the right outcomes.

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Managing Process Costs

Processes create customer value and accumulate costs. Managing that balance is the key to profitability.

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Essentials of Six Sigma

Six Sigma delivers greater quality and customer value by controlling variation. Learn the DMAIC process.

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Pareto Charts

Essential Tool #1:  Identify the vital few issues that demand your process improvement focus.

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Cause & Effect (Fishbone) Diagrams

Essential Tool #2.  Don’t just treat symptoms. Find and resolve the causes of business problems.

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Scatter Diagrams

Essential Tool #3: Find upstream metrics that impact results by seeing the relationship between variables.

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Control Charts

Favorite Tool #1:  Identify performance variation that requires management action versus process redesign.

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Kano Model & Diagram

Favorite Tool #2.  Distinguish between different levels of customer need to gain a competitive edge.

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Strategy Maps

Favorite Tool #3: Keep everyone focused on your top goal by aligning objectives and day-to-day operations.

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