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Mission, Vision and Values

From the earliest days, sea captains have looked to the stars to guide their journey.

Today’s business climate is as volatile as the ocean: rising tides of opportunity, sea changes in technology, rocky competition, new waves of management thought.

Look to Orion to chart your company’s future.

Strategic Process Management Pioneer

Orion Development Group is a pioneer in strategic process management. We help clients in all industries create distinctive process capabilities and leverage those capabilities for competitive advantage.

How we help our clients succeed is as important as the results.


Orion helps leaders make operational excellence a sustainable asset that can be leveraged for the long-term benefit of customers, employees, ownership, stakeholders and society.


As the premier strategic process management consulting firm, our vision is that organizations of all sizes will realize the strategic potential of their business processes and sustain process excellence with little or no outside support.  In pursuing this goal, we will:

  • Show our clients how to achieve enduring competitive success by integrating strategic thinking and process management as few companies have done before.
  • Leverage the collective talent of our instructors and consultants to create a custom solution to fit each client’s specific needs.
  • Work side-by-side with client staff so that we:
    • Fully leverage their knowledge and capabilities
    • Create buy-in for solutions across the organization
    • Transfer our expertise, thereby fostering self-sufficiency
  • Spread the process gospel to thousands of professionals each year through our coast-to-coast relationships with respected universities.
Purpose and Values

Our purpose in all of our client interactions is to make a difference. We strive to fulfill our mission by offering services and advice that move clients — in large steps or small steps — toward better business practices and results. (This includes walking away from opportunities to make money for services that will not help the client.) To live up to this aspiration, we embody the following values both internally and externally:

  1. Always add value
  2. Demand excellence of yourself
  3. Walk in the customer’s shoes
  4. Choose what is right, not what’s expedient
  5. Trust and be trustworthy
  6. Shoot for win-win in all relationships
  7. Take the high road
  8. Be flexible – Make the most of people’s capabilities
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