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Interested in learning more about Business Process Management, Strategic Planning and Change Management?

Incorporate some of our wisdom into your business.  Take a few minutes to view the knowledge bank of articles, posts and downloads written by our instructors, team members and other experts in the field. 



Recommended Reading

BPM and Strategy
Cross-Functional Process Management

Reimagining Management
by Roger Tregear

Business Process Management Is A Team Sport
by Andrew Spanyi

Silos, Politics and Turf Wars
by Patrick Lencioni

Beyond Reengineering
by Michael Hammer

Process Improvement and Redesign Techniques

Business Process Improvement
by James Harrington

Business Process Management
by John Jeston

Process Management Memory Jogger
by Robert Boehringer

The Power of Business Process Improvement
by Susan Page

Business Process Reengineering
by Michael Hammer and James Champy

Understanding Variation: The Key to Managing Chaos
by Donald Wheeler

Management Classics

Out of the Crisis
by W. Edwards Deming (1986)

Managerial Breakthrough
by J.M. Juran (1964)

Innovation: The Attacker’s Advantage
by Richard Foster (1986)

The Goal
by Eli Goldratt (1986)

The Fifth Discipline
by Peter Senge (1990)

Competing on Capabilities: The New Rules of Corporate Strategy
by G. Stalk, Jr., P. Evans and L. Shulman (1992)

Getting It Done: New Roles for Senior Executives
by Thomas Hout and John Carter (1995)

Value Innovation: The Strategic Logic of High Growth
by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne (2004)

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