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Multi-Disciplined and Industry-Specific Expertise

Orion has provided business expertise and coaching to more than 500 clients. Our assignments have ranged from innumerable small process improvement events to scores of strategy initiatives to several once-in-a-generation transformation projects. The hallmark of our quality is not short-term business results; it’s the sustainable excellence Orion’s clients have achieved.

Three Critical Factors

Orion’s clients realize long-term success due to three critical factors

Customized, Holistic Solutions

One Size Does Not Fit All

Facilitative Approach

Your Team Owns the Future


We Teach You to Fish

Customized, Holistic Solutions

It is very rare that an off-the-shelf “silver bullet” product or service is the perfect fit for an organization’s challenges or opportunities. Your strategies, culture and processes are unique; they require consulting services that are crafted to fit your environment. Orion has no one-size-fits-all solutions. Using our holistic perspective, we always make recommendations that are tailored to your specific and emerging needs.

Facilitative Approach: Your Team Owns the Future

Let’s face it, most consulting firms are structured to provide as much staff and expertise as possible to build a solution for a given client. Orion is different. We believe the solutions for your business challenges must come from within. Our job is to supply skills, knowledge, coaching and project management as needed to help your organization achieve its goals.

This facilitative approach actively engages your team members throughout as-is analysis, to-be design and deployment. It results in more effective solutions that have broad ownership across the organization. It also enhances cross-functional understanding of how value gets created. Indeed, this experience has helped multiple clients identify and advance their future leaders.

Self-Sufficiency: We Teach You to Fish

The long-term effectiveness of a solution depends upon your team’s ability to adapt to changing business conditions. This requires a consulting company that is willing to and able to transfer critical skills to your team. Orion’s BPM curriculum is the de facto standard in the United States. Each of our consultants is also a world-class instructor. That is why universities from coast to coast rely on Orion to deliver their professional development seminars.

Orion’s goal for every engagement is to make you independent. With Orion, you won’t have to call the consultants back in every time a new challenge arises. We teach you to fish.

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