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Knowledge Retention and Management

“Knowledge is the currency of the new economy, and yet…”

Essential, strategic, expensive knowledge is walking out your door every week. Voluntary turnover is on the rise and, more critically, highly experienced baby boomers are retiring in great numbers. Look to Orion to help you:

  • Document and standardize best practices
  • Capture the “business wisdom” of experienced staff and convert it into shareable, sustainable knowledge
  • Modernize management of your entire employee lifecycle with an emphasis on creating a collaborative, knowledge-sharing culture
  • Implement a self-sustaining system of “living documents” that is widely used and easily managed

For years, corporations and government agencies have relied upon expensive IT systems to maintain knowledge repositories. These electronic libraries are useful but they are not “knowledge management” and they do not promote a culture of knowledge sharing.

Orion can help your organization build a living system that is used every day to assure effective operations, capture business wisdom and share learning throughout the organization. The skeleton for this system will be your organization’s process maps. These documents describe how work is really done by your staff and they provide a common language for comparing ideas, sharing experiences and standardizing improvements.

Orion’s services include:

Process Mapping

The process map is essential tool for understanding and sharing how work is performed. It forms the foundation for an effective knowledge retention and management system. Orion is the United States’ leading expert on process documentation. We can create your documentation or, ideally, train and facilitate an internal team to develop and maintain your process maps. Orion has been delivering Process Mapping training since 1994. Our curriculum is the de facto standard of the industry.

Onboarding Evaluation

The output of any process can only be as good as the inputs it was given. The same is true for your staff. Unless your organization is hiring the right people and providing them with the training, business language and coaching to succeed, your company cannot deliver outstanding results. Orion will work with your HR leaders to evaluate job descriptions, hiring criteria and all facets of employee onboarding to assure they are setting up the new employee and the organization for success.

Solution Implementation

An effective knowledge retention and management solution is one that is utilized throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Rather than building information repositories, Orion will help your organization create a knowledge-sharing culture that uses the process map as its language. These maps will reside in a system like Promapp, making them living documents that are used to accumulate and share process wisdom.

In the Information Age, businesses must not only mitigate “brain drain”; they must make knowledge and process wisdom a true asset that can be leveraged across the organization. Unfortunately, traditional HR practices and high-tech knowledge management systems have not been up to the challenge for most organizations. This seminar delivers a practical approach to establishing a culture of knowledge sharing.

At Orion’s Retaining and Managing Critical Knowledge seminar, you will learn how to:

  • Identify jobs/departments most at risk for loss of critical knowledge or ineffective knowledge transfer
  • Quantify your company’s turnover and retirement risk
  • Leverage a process-oriented approach to share and retain knowledge
  • Capture and communicate wisdom, not just tasks
  • Generate stakeholder support for structured knowledge sharing
  • Start small and generate resources/commitment for expansion
  • Establish a model that’s easily duplicated and accelerates learning/productivity

This course is available as a one-day seminar at Michigan State University and can also be delivered at your location as a more-intensive, multi-day customized workshop for a group of your management leaders and knowledge management professionals. For more information, email Margaret Powers.

Orion is a Registered Training Provider with the Association of Business Process Professionals. Our seminars provide professional development credit necessary to retain status as a Certified Business Process Professional (CBPP).

Traditionally, process maps were static documents — whether they were created with markers and paper or dedicated mapping software like Visio. Once on the “bookshelf” they were not managed, shared or updated. Fortunately, new systems enable us to turn process maps into living documents that are updated regularly and used to share best practices. Orion’s favorite product is Promapp.

To get a feel for Promapp’s capabilities and ease of use, check out these videos:

Overview: BPM in the Cloud

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