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Strategic Planning Seminars

StrategyAt its best, the strategic planning process produces a clear picture of your future that is both actionable and measurable. Too often organizations fail to reach the future state because there is a disconnect between strategic priorities and day-to-day process execution. Orion’s Strategic Planning curriculum will give your organization the skills needed to make business processes both the source of strategic differentiation and the guarantors of effective strategy execution.

Orion is a Registered Training Provider with the Association of Business Process Management Professionals. Our seminars provide professional development credit necessary to retain status as a Certified Business Process Professional (CBPP®).  The Strategy curriculum is organized as follows:

Creating and Planning Strategy

Strategic Planning: Process-Based Competition

How to Leverage Process Excellence to Transform Your Competitive Position

Blue Ocean Strategy

How to Discover New Growth Opportunities

Strategy Maps

How to Link Strategic Objectives to Operational Initiatives

Executing Strategy and Managing Strategic Performance

Aligning Business Process Management to Strategy & Goals

Deploying Processes and Innovation as Strategic Weapons

Using Strategy Maps and the Balanced Scorecard to Execute Strategy

How to Achieve Superior Performance and Strategic Success

Using Data for Business Strategy and Critical Decisions

How Analytics Improve Mission-Critical Projects and Operational Performance

Retaining and Managing Critical Knowledge

Assessing and Saving the Knowledge that Matters

Transforming the Customer Experience

Discovering the Breakthrough Customer Experience

How to Generate Innovations that Matter to Your Customers and to Your Strategy

Designing Value-Added Customer Experience Solutions 

How to Convert the Big Idea into a Executable Business Case

Creating a Customer-Centric Organization

How to Execute and Sustain Your CX Transformation

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