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Organizing For Change


Change management isn’t something you tack on to the back end of a project.  It must be organized, resourced and planned from Day 1.  Don’t leave the human elements of your project to chance. Key topics:

  • Why Change Management is Important
  • Popular Models (ADKAR , Kotter)
  • Making Change Happen – Tools and techniques
  • “What would you do?”

Run time is 95 minutes.

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Getting Change Right from Day 1

Change Management is not part of the implementation plan; it is an essential element throughout your project lifecycle. That is true for smaller process changes within a department and for technology or culture changes that span the entire organization. If you don’t begin planning for change on day 1, your chances for success dwindle.

Organizing for Change is a self-paced webinar that addresses:

  • Why Change Management is Important
  • Popular Models
    • ADKAR vs. Kotter vs. the field
  • Making Change Happen
    • Tools and techniques
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • “What would you do?” activities
  • Key Takeaways

Run time is 95 minutes. Your instructor is Ralph Smith.