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BPM = Sustainable Competitive Advantage

“Process management” has been around for almost 100 years in one form or another. Many organizations have used it to streamline operations, reengineer value chains and shorten service cycle times. These are good tactical outcomes but they only scratch the surface of BPM’s potential.

True BPM delivers sustainable, cross-functional operational excellence that can be leveraged to:

  • Foster growth
  • Open new markets
  • Create new services
  • Empower employees
  • Delight customers
Soar Higher

Your Path to Success

1. Demonstrate Operational Value

Start small and build. Prove the value of BPM by executing tactical improvements that deliver meaningful results.  Begin with a process mapping, customer experience or knowledge management project.

2. Build Internal Expertise

Don’t be dependent on outside consultants. Become self-sufficient by training a cadre of internal experts.  Orion delivers skills via virtual (web-based) sessions, traditional classroom-based seminars and customized workshops. 

3. Establish Cross-Functional Governance

Small improvements will ultimately “hit the walls” of your organization.  Bust through these silos to optimize and manage the end-to-end processes that create value for your customers.

4. Change the Culture

No change (process improvement or technology innovation) can be successful if your people are left behind.  Take our self-assessment to learn how you can create a culture of continuous improvement.

5. Leverage Operational Excellence

Once performance excellence is a sustainable asset, process-based competition is a realistic goal.  Orion can show you how to make business processes the source of strategic differentiation.

Look to Orion to Navigate Your Company’s Future

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