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Redesigning Your CX — Virtually or In Person

The COVID-19 crisis was both a customer experience (CX) challenge and opportunity.  In addition to finding ways to navigate the lockdowns, companies are also redefining the best possible CX in a the post-pandemic world.

Don’t settle for industry average, aim large.  Orion has the strategy, process and technology expertise to help you reinvent value delivery.

Transitioning from Crisis to Stability to Outstanding CX

Orion understands that it takes strategic vision, process excellence and the innovative application of technology to achieve breakthrough customer experiences. We will help you reimagine your:

  • Value proposition and value curves
  • Customer personas
  • Future state customer journey maps
  • Process improvement roadmap

Your CX transformation will define how well your organization manages the inevitable ups and downs of 2020-21 and how it position itself for growth during the recovery.  Trust Orion to help you design and implement a better future. Contact us today.

Amanda Dietz – SVP, Solution Integration

Mandy Dietz, Orion’s Customer Experience Practice Leader, understands that it isn’t one single discipline or a technology silver bullet that delivers outstanding results for your customers.  Her 25 years of success have demonstrated you must integrate changes in culture, business process, IT and performance measurement  to achieve meaningful and sustainable  breakthroughs in customer value.

Ms. Dietz is able leverage her diverse expertise and strategic outlook to help clients rethink customer experience from multiple perspectives.  She is a teacher, coach, consultant,  and readily accessible mentor.

Trust Orion

Since 1993, Orion has helped our clients achieve sustainable success by understanding and refining how they deliver value to customers.  Our techniques help you redefine experiences and the processes and culture that enable them.

Contact Us

Let’s brainstorm your path forward.  Call Orion at +1 (718) 474-4600 or email us at  Or get the conversation started via the form below. Together, we can do great things.



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To learn more about Orion’s full range of CX consulting services, visit our Customer Experience page.

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