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Continue to Improve — Virtually 

Conference room meetings went away, your business problems did not

With portions of most organizations still working remotely post-pandemic, getting your team together in a room, with a white board and a stack of post-it notes has become difficult.  Spontaneous creative problem-solving sessions rarely happen when every meeting has to be “e-scheduled.”

How can you tap the collective brainpower of your team to improve processes and keep technology projects moving forward?  Orion can help.

Quick Start Process Mapping & Improvement Workshops

Lower the barrier to collaboration from all process participants and stakeholders. Orion has merged our time-tested Process Improvement Methodology with a suite of virtual collaboration tools to enable a variety of virtual workshops. We can facilitate the development of:

  • System maps and project plans
  • As-Is process maps and opportunity identification
  • “Should Be” and “Could Be” process redesign recommendations
  • Presentation of recommendations to executive decision makers
  • Skill development for internal experts and team members

Don’t let the virtual platform learning curve limit your productivity or process improvement effectiveness. Orion can help your team tap its full potential today.  Contact us.

Robert Boehringer – SVP, BPM Services

Over the past 30 years, Bob Boehringer has been one of the leading thinkers, teachers and practitioners of business process management.

Having grown up in a family business, Mr. Boehringer has a natural ability to understand –at a systemic level– the workings of almost any business process.  His ability to share that understanding makes him an incredibly effective business consultant who will “teach you to fish” rather than simply solve your problem. 

Mr. Boehringer is an author, teacher, coach, and mentor to process improvement professionals across the globe.

Trust Orion

Since 1993, Orion has helped more professionals improve and redesign business processes than any other independent firm.  Leverage our unrivaled experience to bring performance improvement to life now and after the crisis abates.

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Let’s brainstorm your path forward.  Call Orion at +1 (718) 474-4600 or email her at  Or get the conversation started via the form below. Together, we can do great things.



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To learn more about Orion’s full range of mapping & improvement services, visit our Process Mapping page.

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