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Implementing Process Change

Moving Great Ideas from Paper to the Real World

A Two-Day Seminar

After months of dedicated work, you and your team have designed a new business process that will leverage emerging technology and superior business acumen to dramatically improve all measures of performance. Now comes the hard part…implementing it

Learn practical tools to deliver and sustain business results.

Making It Work in the Real World

The last decade has seen organizations in all sectors benefit from a renewed surge in productivity. These gains are the direct result of improved process management techniques and the application of new information technology. Still, the business press reports many stories of failed reengineering efforts, insufficient ROI from enterprise software systems, and the rejection of new technology by workers. Why this disparity?

Because the challenge of implementing process change is as great as the challenge of creating innovative business process solutions. Implementing process and IT change requires a powerful combination of “soft” skills and “hard” skills: Techniques that will win widespread support for process changes and methodologies to implement the solution effectively.

You Will Learn How to:

  • Develop a strategic program for improving business performance
  • Build cross-functional coalitions of influential people
  • Develop a communication plan to sell and reinforce the new process vision
  • Staff and facilitate process or technology implementation teams
  • Achieve buy-in from the people who must utilize new processes and technology
  • Provide high-level direction for implementation project management
  • Recognize systemic changes needed to institutionalize improved process performance

Who Should Attend:

  • You will benefit most from this learning experience if you are a (an):
  • Project Manager
  • Process Manager
  • Leader of Process Improvement teams
  • Process Improvement Facilitator
  • Internal Change Agent
  • Manager or Consultant who is installing ERP, CRM or similar technologies
  • Senior Leader who is a “Champion” of process/technology change

Seminar Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. The importance of planning for change
    2. Components of change: process, people, customer, technology, financial
  2. Process Improvement Projects
    1. Process management cycle
    2. Process mapping overview
    3. Case study: getting to solutions
    4. Workshop: identifying solutions
  3. Developing an Implementation Plan
    1. Overview of Hoshin planning tools and techniques
    2. Identifying key change issues
    3. Key issue prioritization
    4. Timeline for change
    5. Project management
  1. People, Politics and Players
    1. Defining boundaries and scope
    2. Evaluating potential “winners and losers” from change
    3. Getting everyone on board
    4. Making sure resources are available
    5. Building a communication plan
  2. Overcoming Resistance to Change
    1. Why do people resist change?
    2. Balancing task and maintenance needs
    3. Conflict management
    4. Personality styles: DISC
    5. Understanding personal values
    6. Facilitation tips
  3. Institutionalizing Performance Improvement
    1. What else needs to change?
    2. Conclusions


No dates are scheduled for this seminar at this time. Please complete the form below if you'd like us to contact you when dates have been added. We can also bring the class to your organization.

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