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What is a Strategy Map?

Focus and Align on Your One True Goal

The Strategy Map is a simple yet incredibly powerful tool.

It creates alignment and structure for your strategic plan. It also very clearly communicates to people across the organization what your goals are and how all of the pieces fit together. Orion has been helping executive teams develop and utilize Strategy Maps since the mid-1990s, before the term Strategy Map was coined.

Consulting Services and Training

Orion can help you quickly build the right strategy and create self-sufficiency by training an internal team of strategy management experts.

Strategic Planning and Execution

The ability to adapt your strategic plan is more important than ever. Orion can deliver rapid assessments, facilitate maps and develop initiatives and metrics.

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Classroom Training

Orion teaches professional development courses at universities from coast to coast. We can customize that curriculum and bring it to your team.

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Home office


Looking for personal development of your strategy management skills? Orion teaches live virtual seminars and has a library of self-paced webinars.

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How the Strategy Map Works

The Strategy Map is used to link and align strategic objectives and illustrate how they work in coordination to achieve your organization’s #1 goal. 

Read the map from bottom to top as a series of if-then statements.  If we build our internal capabilities  (talent, technology) then we can more effectively execute business process goals, which will in turn increase the value we deliver to current and new customers.  Collectively, those actions will drive financial success, especially the #1 goal – Maximize Profitability.  

In this generic example, financial goals are on top.  If your organization is not-for-profit, you may have customer goals at the top.  Orion can help you establish the topics and flow that are the best fit for your mission and vision.

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    Since 1993, Orion has helped our clients achieve sustainable success by develop strategies that leverage their unique capabilities.  Our techniques help you deploy, manage and adjust strategic plans as the business environment changes.

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