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Redefining Your Strategic Direction — Rapidly 

Your strategic plan needs help. The pandemic crushed most 2020 strategies; the post-pandemic world requires a revised vision, innovative value propositions and a few transformative initiatives.

Financial resources are different, customer needs are different, delivery mechanisms are completely different. Now that you have survived the lockdown, how can your organization thrive in late 2022 and beyond?  Orion can help.

Pivot Quickly

Orion’s standard strategic planning process is built for speed.  We have further streamlined it to help you meet today’s unprecedented challenges. In a matter of weeks, Orion can help your organization:

  • Clarify the new picture of success
  • Assess your strategic ability to realize the new vision
  • Build your short-term strategy map
  • Launch 3-4 critical initiatives
  • Develop a complementary strategic scorecard

Don’t rely on traditional, time-consuming planning processes. Let Orion help you shift from survive to thrive in less than two months. Contact us today.

Ralph Smith – SVP, Strategic Services

Over the past 25 years, Ralph Smith has personally facilitated the strategic performance improvement efforts in more than 100 organizations worldwide.

Mr. Smith has an uncanny ability to adapt cutting-edge management techniques without getting your team bogged down with jargon and unnecessary complexity.  He works with executives to gain consensus on tangible strategic goals and effective methods  to achieve those goals.

Mr. Smith is an author, teacher, coach, and –most importantly– trusted partner of executives and strategic planning professionals.

Trust Orion

Since 1993, Orion has helped our clients achieve sustainable success by developing strategies that leverage their unique capabilities.  Our techniques help you deploy, manage and adjust strategic plans as the business environment changes.

Contact Us

Let’s brainstorm your path forward.  Call Margaret Powers at +1 (718) 474-4600 or email her at  Or get the conversation started via the form below. Together, we can do great things.



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To learn more about Orion’s full range of strategy consulting services, visit our Strategic Services page.

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