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Eliminate Unneeded Processes – Then Transform

Every organization has legacy processes that have outlived their usefulness. Don’t make the mistake of thinking new IT will eliminate this inefficiency!

Orion’s Staircase Model® helps you challenge each major business process in your organization and determine which should be eliminated, redesigned or automated. Orion has successfully applied this model to cut process count by as much as 57% and increase capacity up to 40%.

Moving toward future state

Consulting Services and Training

Orion can help you quickly build the right strategy and create self-sufficiency by training an internal team of strategy management experts.

Staircase Model and Business Process Blueprinting

The business environment is changing rapidly. You must adapt. Orion can streamline your operations and create a strategy for improving or transforming your critical value chains.

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Classroom Training

Orion teaches leadership development courses at universities from coast to coast. We can customize that curriculum and bring it to your team.

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Looking for personal development of your business process management skills? Orion teaches live virtual seminars and has a library of self-paced webinars.

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How the Staircase Model Works

The Staircase Model is used to evaluate the “why” for every major process.

It identifies processes that have no justifiable purpose in the future state of your organization. It also identifies:

  • Your most important business processes
  • Key business processes that should be improved, transformed or automated
  • Necessary non-value-adding processes that should be streamlined
  • Non-core processes that should be further assessed

In the simplified example, a pension organization is evaluating its customer education processes. Education is currently being delivered at headquarters, online and at remote locations.

Stair 1 – Customer education is core to the mission. Classes at HQ have proven highly effective and are well attended. There are some opportunities for improvement. This manner of education must continue. Move to the next stairstep with online and remote.

Stair 2 – None of the education options are required by law. Hence, move to the next stairstep.

Stair 3 – There are no internal benefits to offering and delivering remote customer education- it increases cost. Online education helps ease the burden a bit on internal resources, so there is a marginal benefit… but not enough to justify the investment. However…

Stair 4 – There is growing customer demand for online education. It should continue but process redesign and technology investments are needed. Remote training is historically considered a customer perk but few customers participate.

Given the above, customer training at HQ should continue with improvements. A project to evaluate the cost-benefit of redesigning online training is recommended. Remote training is a candidate for elimination.

Orion can help you significantly reduce the number of operational processes, thereby making your organization more efficient, more customer-centric and more ready for IT transformation investments.

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Since 1993, Orion has helped our clients achieve sustainable success by defining and managing the value chains that are essential to their unique strategies. Our techniques help you define, streamline and measure your cross-functional business processes.

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